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Basic Competencies for Some Internet Professionals Jobs

"There are few educational and professional standards that practitioners in the Internet Industry can use to validate credentials. SIP has worked closely with many associations and educational institutions in the past to encourage better professional standards for Internet practitioners, including those in e-Business, Web Site Design and Development, Security, Privacy, Networking, etc." says Max Haroon, Founder and President of SIP.

As an professional association we have put together some Basic Competencies for various tasks and jobs.

Competencies which are common to all jobs and tasks outlined in a document:
Common Competencies

Competencies&/or examinations have been identified for the following specialization streams :
•  Web Technology*
•  Web Design*
•  Web Management*
•  Web Development
•  Internet Privacy
•  e-Business
•  e-Learning
Search Engine Optimization

* Originally created by the Association of Web Professionals (AWP), which has ceased to exist. SIP is pleased to have made arrangements to support AWP certified professionals and future certifications in these streams.

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Part 1: SIP Core examination (fundamentals that applies to all streams)
Part 2: Competency Assessment for the selected stream.

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